Materials & Specs


All Deco planters products are designed and crafted in the most durable and sturdy way possible. Our capable team of craftsmen have honed their skills over many years and proudly stand behind every one of our products.
Deco planters products are expertly manufactured using steel materials. Here are some of our more popular quality materials

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the most durable and maintenance-free materials on earth. We use this material to manufacture planters for areas where no maintenance is desired. The shiny look is perfect for hotel grounds and other elegant areas where the planters will endure for many years to come.

Corten Steel

Corten steel is a specialty material, blended with just the right amount of zinc, to allow for perfect rusting. These planters will rust for approximately 3-9 months and then retain that rustic look for many decades thereafter, without any further rusting. This is a very desirable look for many landscapes and gardens and is one of our most popular items.


Aluminum planters have the advantage of being available in virtually any color. The high-heat process of powder coating, via heat in our ovens, enables us to color the planters to perfectly match any color scheme designed for your particular area. This option is popular amongst interior and exterior designers.

Styles, Shapes & Sizes

Choose from our standard products or have it customized to your exact specifications. Our team of designers and engineers will turn your concept design into reality


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